Smart Metering for E-Mobility


Landi Carmine Landi

Carmine Landi

Università degli studi della Campania "L. Vanvitelli", Italy


This Special Session represents an interesting opportunity for engineers and researchers of different fields to share their knowledge and findings on the most recent developments related to smart measurement devices and metrological infrastructure required to ensure the traceability of measurements in the field of sustainable mobility.


Perspective authors can provide original contributions in this topic which can cover, but not limited to, the following aspects:

  • Specialized smart Metering for automotive applications;
  • Characterization of on-board sensors for tariff and billing;
  • Instrumentation and Methods for the Characterization of on-vehicle power systems and charging stations;
  • Automated measurement infrastructure for billing and monitoring;
  • Evaluation of on-board system effects on measurements accuracy;
  • Characterization of communication infrastructure for vehicles and charging stations, and impact on measurement accuracy;
  • Power quality phenomena evaluation induced by charging devices;
  • Instrumentation and Methods for EVs autonomy assessment in realistic working conditions;
  • Characterization of individual on-board systems power electronics components;
  • Power and Energy measurements during charging and discharging (V2G) operations of EVs.


Carmine Landi received the M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Naples (Italy) in 1981. He is currently Full Professor in Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Measurement for E-mobility e Smart Energy Systems at the University of Campania - Luigi Vanvitelli, Caserta, Italy.
His main scientific interests are: (a) development of innovative measurement methods and techniques for characterization and diagnosis of electrical and electronic components, devices and systems; (b) design and implementation of digital measurement instrumentation for real-time measurements; (c) definition and characterization of methods, components and systems for high accuracy power and energy measurement; (d) development of devices and systems for power quality evaluation in low and medium voltage networks. He is author of more than 250 papers published in journals and national and international congress proceedings.
He was president of CEI (the Italian chapter of IEC) CT-85/66 "Measuring equipment for electrical and electromagnetic quantities" from 2007 to 2017. He was principal investigator in numerous research projects on smart metering and applied measurements.