Special sessions have the main aim of creating a mini-workshop on a specific topic, where researchers working on the same argument can make knowledge, familiarize, exchange ideas, create cooperation.
Special Sessions are being developed by designated chairs.

If you, as an author, have a paper that could be included in one of these sessions, you may submit an extended abstract selecting your favourite session. If the abstract is not selected for the session, it may be included in another part of the technical program.

To submit extended abstracts to the special session, follow the submission instructions for regular sessions, but remind to specify the special session to which the paper is directed.

List of Special Sessions

  1. Special Session #1: Battery system design and measurement

    Organized by: Ilaria De Munari, Valentina Bianchi, University of Parma, Department of Engineering and Architecture

  2. Special Session #2: The Smart Battery Cell: sensors, modeling, diagnostics and characterization for the next generation batteries

    Organized by: Marco Crescentini, University of Bologna, Italy, Alessio De Angelis, University of Perugia, Italy


    Organized by: Lorenzo Ciani, Marcantonio Catelani, Gabriele Patrizi, University of Florence, Italy

  4. Special Session #4: Smart Metering for E-Mobility

    Organized by: Carmine Landi, Università degli studi della Campania "L. Vanvitelli", Italy

  5. Special Session #5: Multiband GNSS Observables, Inertial Sensor Fusion and Advanced Receiver Algorithms for Autonomous Navigation

    Organized by: Domenico Di Grazia, Fabio Pisoni, STMicroelectronics srl

  6. Special Session #6: Sensors and instruments for improving the sustainability of e-Vehicles on the distribution grid

    Organized by: Stefano Rinaldi, University of Brescia, Italy, Marco Pasetti, University of Brescia, Italy

  7. Special Session #7: Metrology for environmental perception sensors and systems in intelligent transportation & vehicles

    Organized by: Lei Du, National Institute of Metrology, China, Qiao Sun, National Institute of Metrology, China, Yulin Chen, National Institute of Metrology, China

  8. Special Session #8: Towards Smart and Secure Energy Solutions for Future e-Mobility: The Energy ECS Project

    Organized by: Gian Piero Gibiino, University of Bologna, Italy

Special Session Proposal

Are you interested in organizing a special session?

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Call for Special Sessions